Spring Yoga Classes Coming Soon

Vinyasa Yoga Farm Flow with Sue C.

Location: Widespread Hemp Farm, Woodburn Oregon

Next day coming soon!
Class size is 15-30 people
*Registration is required 12 hours in advance and payments are accepted via our website, Paypal, Cash app or Venmo.

Our Vinyasa Farm Flow is perfect for those who utilize their bodies through work every day.   In this flow, our Registered Yoga Teacher Sue Carlton takes the time to help center ourselves into the gorgeous environment of the Widespread Hemp Farm located in Woodburn, Oregon.  We will start with an early morning meditation including CBD derived from industrial hemp to draw us into the ground below us, moving into our sun salutations, we will work vigorously toward getting our heart rates up our mind focused and energy flowing from the crown of our head.   By the end of class, you will have taken the opportunity to meet yourself at this exact space and time opening the world to endless possibilities with a refreshed mind, body and spirit.

*Please bring your own canteen of water and yoga mat to practice on, supplies are limited.  If you do not have a yoga mat, but would still like to participate please arrange prior we will not have extras on site.  

**This is an active working farm there are; horses, farm machinery and fields that we will pass by along the way.  Anytime you have to excuse yourself from class please advise a coordinator to walk you to and from the yoga site along with the bathroom.  We will email consent forms after registration that will need to be filled in and signed prior to your first class.  

If you are a customer requesting more information, please feel free to use to contact page below and we will get back to you.  

If you would like to donate the price of a ticket to help sponsor either a student or low-income, we have added a donate ticket button on our websites purchasing page for the event.   

If you are a company who wishes to get involved, please feel free to use the contact page below and we will get back to you.