About The Botanical Joint

At The Botanical Joint we are boutique CBD cultivators and producers of high terpene craft; pre-rolls, flower and blends. Licensed Oregon hemp farm nestled in the hills of the PNW at 1000 feet elevation. Our Flower is produced through regenerative farming practices creating the perfect homeostasis between us, our farm and the environment around us. We use companion planting and alternative pest management to be 100% pesticide free at our farm. All of our flower is hand harvested, hung in a cedar lined dry barn that is climate controlled. We slowly cure all of our flower, the wait is totally worth it.

Every step of our flowers process from seed to sale is done in house by our small two person team. When you purchase our flower and products you are supporting a small business such as ours and we owe our thanks to every one of The Botanical Joints customers. We take the time to ensure our finished flower, joints and blends are the highest quality boutique product throughout each step from selecting genetics, cultivation, harvesting, product development and the final inspection before each delivery we send out.

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We provide services to both the consumer market and retail market.